Real Brides: Sarah Clarkson's Spring Wedding

We talk with bride Sarah Clarkson all things weddings including THE most thoughtful proposal and the kindest of gestures all brides could do that you might not of thought of!


How did your husband propose? 

It’s quite a long story but he has designed a treasure hunt around a place called Exbury Gardens near to where we live. Each clue was personalised but it was printed on Exbury gardens paper so I just thought he had sent them the clues and they put it all together. The last clue led us to a huge wisteria where he then read out the last clue and proposed. It was only after he had proposed and I said “it’s so quiet it in” (it’s a acres and acres of land) he said that it wasn’t open to the general public and Exbury workers where in on it!!! 

How long was your engagement? 

We got engaged in July 2020 and then married in April 2022, so just under two years. We needed the time to plan and save!! 


When choosing your dress what made you have the ‘this is it’ feeling? 

I tried on so many dresses that I thought I wanted but nothing felt right. I finally found the shape/style that I was looking for but it still wasn’t quite right so I searched and searched the internet to find the perfect dress. I didn’t actually think I would ever get that “this is it” feeling as I had become quite deflated after trying on so many and not finding the one. But I eventually found the most perfect dress at Rosa Clara in London and I knew before she had even buttoned it up that it was the one. The material, the fit, the detail was a dream

Was it an intimate or large celebration?

I guess it was a relatively large celebration- we had just over 100 of our nearest and dearest!


When and where did you get married? 

We got married on the 15th April 2022, which was Good Friday, at Millbridge Court in Farnham. 

What was your first dance song? What was the meaning behind this? 

Everywhere- Michelle Branch. We had spent years and years singing it full pelt in the car together. It’s not your classic first dance song which made us love it even more. It’s just “our” song. 


What was your favourite part of the day? 

Oh my god I really don’t think I can choose- I honestly loved every single second. I adored just seeing all my favourite people in once place- smiling, laughing, crying, partying. It was a day full of emotion! 


Why did you choose HA Designs to be part of your big day? 

It was always going to be HA Designs, long before I even got engaged. I had followed you for ages. I was over the moon when the bridal collection came out just before I got married. It was absolutely perfect in every way. The detail, the quality, the service. I felt amazing in my bridal pjs! 

How would you describe the wedding in three words? 

Emotional, Fun, Unforgettable 


We noticed that some of your wedding flowers made their way to care homes after the wedding? This was lovely, what made you do this? 

I had so so many flowers that I really didn’t want them to go to waste. Lots of them got handed out to the bridal party and the rest were taken to different care homes, for other people to be able to enjoy them. They loved them and it was such a special thing to be able to do! I would definitely recommend it to other brides. 

Advice you’d give to future brides...

As cliche as this sounds- enjoy every second. The time flies! 



  • Venue- @millbridgecourt 
  • Caterers- @kalmkitcheltd
  • Photographer- @alisaroberts_
  • Videographer- @sean_white_films
  • Florist- @sj_floral_design 
  • Cake- @leroy.bakery
  • MUA- @dcmua_ & @makeupbyindyy
  • Hair stylist- @gracebaileyhair
  • Band- @tuxfizz
  • Guitarist-@nickkeenoffical
  • String quartet- @quattrostringquartet
  • Dress- @rosa_clara
  • Suits- @astares_menswear
  • Jewellery- @lilyandrooldn